SOFR 1 Month Term+
Prime Rate
5 Year
Treasury: 4.431% ▲Spread: 0.000%Swap: 4.111% ▲
7 Year
Treasury: 4.422% ▲Spread: 0.000%Swap: 4.058% ▲
10 Year
Treasury: 4.562% ▲Spread: 0.000%Swap: 3.824% ▲
30 Year
Treasury: 0.000%-Spread: 0.000%Swap: 4.447% ▲

SOFR 1 Month Term:+ 4.21714%
Prime Rate: 0.00%
5 Year Treasury: 0.000% ▲
5 Year Spread: 0.0000%
5 Year Swap: 0.000% ▲
7 Year Treasury: 0.000% ▲
7 Year Spread: 0.0000%
7 Year Swap: 0.000% ▲
10 Year Treasury: 0.000% ▲
10 Year Spread: 0.0000%
10 Year Swap: 0.000% ▲
30 Year Treasury: 0.000% ▲
30 Year Spread: 0.0000%
30 Year Swap: 0.000% ▲
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Alan Fishman

Alan H. Fishman is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ladder Capital. Mr. Fishman has had an extensive career in the financial services industry having served in top executive positions at Washington Mutual Inc., Independence Community Bank, Sovereign Bancorp. and ContiFinancial Corp., and as the Chairman of Meridian Capital Group. Mr. Fishman has been a private equity investor focusing on financial services at Neuberger and Berman, Adler & Shaykin and at his own firm, Columbia Financial Partners LP, and held a variety of senior executive positions at Chemical Bank and American International Group. Mr. Fishman is a member of the board of directors of Santander Holdings USA, Inc. and is the lead independent director, chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Executive and Risk Committees of its subsidiary, Santander Bank, N.A. Mr. Fishman is also Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Chairman of the Brooklyn Community Foundation. Mr. Fishman is on the audit committee at Continental Grain Company, on the board of MDSolarSciences as well as the boards of several other not-for-profit and civic organizations. Mr. Fishman received a B.S. from Brown University and a Masters in Economics from Columbia University.